New Members- Whenever you are new to a Church it is critical to find where you fit. our theme for this year is "Building a Spiritual House: Finding where I Fit.” This is especially important for new members who struggle in a new church home to fit in. We extend an open hand to our new members and are excited to see them blending into the family and using their God-given talents to enhance the church.




  I want to welcome you to the Second Baptist Church of Frankford.  We are excited that the Lord has moved on your heart to be a part of this ministry.  Our website contains pertinent information about Second Baptist Church of Frankford and our heritage.  If you are a candidate for baptism, we will meet for three Sundays at 9:30 am, in the Pastors suite for orientation. If you have joined by letter, Christian experience or re-instatement, you will meet with me on the fourth Sunday  at 9:30 am, in the Pastors suite for orientation.  I encourage you to attend Wednesday Night Prayer Service and Bible Study at 7:00 pm, as well as Sunday School at 9:30 am, on Sundays.

There are steps to effective Christian growth and we will briefly go over some of them when we meet for orientation.  I have  developed an acrostic called S.T.E.P.S, which is Salvation, Tithe (tenth), Evangelism, Prayer and Study. During our meetings, we will discuss some of the elements of salvation, time, talent and treasure, evangelism and mission, the power of prayer, and the importance of studying.  We will also discuss baptism and the Lord’s Supper as to what their purposes are and what they symbolize.

   We hold a New Member Meet & Greet and Ministry Fair on the fifth Sunday of every quarter.  You should take advantage of the meet and greet, it allows you to meet and fellowship with the church family here at Second Baptist Church and receive information on the various ministries.

 Once again, welcome to the Second Baptist Church of Frankford.  We are so delighted you have chosen us to be your “spiritual family” and Second Baptist as your “church home.”  We will keep you and your family in our prayers.  May God continue to bless and keep you and your family!

Christ’s Servant,

Pastor Darrell R. Bradsbery